Help! I can't login!

Forgotten username or password?

If you're looking for Employee Self-Service rather than payroll then CLICK HERE

Otherwise, if you are not the main system user, then please ask your payroll system owner to reset your credentials for you

Otherwise, if you are the only user with access to your payroll, or you're the designated system owner where multiple users have access, then CLICK HERE to send an email to the HelpDesk (or just phone) and we'll reset your credentials and email them to your registered address. If we don't recognise your name or email address your request will be ignored.

Suggestion: In this day and age it's near impossible to remember all the passwords you need for all your online services, so we recommend you use your browser to save your credentials for each site you visit (assuming your machine is private and secure) or utilise one of the many password storage tools (our favourite is Lastpass, but there are many others).

Using incorrect shortcut?

Your browser shortcut to goPayroll should always point to, not (as you won't see any service notifications that might be published in the goPayroll portal page) - then click Login to proceed.

Security/AV blocking access to specified port or to our domain?

Check that your Security/AV software (esp on Windows) has not updated itself and is now blocking access to our domain/s (,,,

A quick and easy way to check is to turn your Security/AV off for a moment while you test access.

Another method is to go to a computer outside your business network - if that can connect OK, then there's every chance that something inside your work network is blocking access.

Cache bloat

All browsers are subject to cache bloat which will slow or stop your browser from responding (and you need a reasonably good internet connection). It won't necessarily affect all sites you visit, but it is a common cause of apps not responding.

We strongly recommend you use the Chrome browser (better drag'n'drop, standards compliant), however goPayroll will work fine in Safari, Edge, Firefox and most other browsers too.

Here's how to clear the cache in Chrome (others are similar) - and your browser should start responding again:

1. click the vertical ellipsis menu control:

Stacks Image 31

2. select Settings..Advanced (at the bottom, may need to scroll down)..Clear Browsing Data

Stacks Image 44

3. Clear data (set options as shown)

Stacks Image 42