We help make your migration easy! Call if you have any questions - we're always happy to help and it costs nothing to ask.

Load your own data?

This is often the easiest and best method - just add or import your staff from a simple CSV file (using our built-in FlexiCSV import tool), fix up their records and you're ready to go.

It also costs you nothing but a little time collecting the data you need and entering it directly into goPayroll, or importing basic data from a CSV file.

Check out our Migration Checklist to make sure you get everything right.

Please Note: If you intend to migrate your own data, then you must observe the following:
  • NZ requires pay history capture and days paid, per employee and per pay, for the last 12 months (in order to correctly calculate Holidays Act averages)
  • Most other countries should capture pays or a total YTD to the end of the previous tax month before commencing pay processing

Manual paper or spreadsheet payroll data?

The migration process is as easy as we can make it - via a spreadsheet template available below which we then use to populate your database

If you have an existing desktop payroll program

Just email us a fresh backup of your payroll database and we'll take a look to see if we can convert the data it contains. We can migrate directly from most common desktop payroll products.

One common exception we know of is current versions of Attache which encrypts your data effectively preventing you moving to a system where you own access to your own data - you will need to use our spreadsheet migration method instead.

Migrating from an online payroll system?

Direct migration is all well and good for most desktop payroll systems (though some have baffling encryption and are not able to be converted), however there's only one online payroll system that we know of that allows you to download an entire copy of your database any time you want (and that's goPayroll).

If you want to migrate from an online payroll then it may be possible using selected extracts, otherwise it's probably better to use the template method above.