What makes goPayroll any different?
  • You can download your entire database whenever you need (and it can be used in read-only mode in our free goPayroll-viewer or opened with any SQLite database manager)
  • We provide you with as much training and product support as you need at no extra cost (except your phone call to us) - fair-use policy applies
  • We price fairly - no additional charge for extra staff and all prices are in our home currency (NZD)
  • We strive for 99% uptime and monitor our servers 24x7, however we do occasionally need to update the server during low/zero usage times. You can see our Service Level Agreement (SLA) available here
  • For our NZ users it is especially important that payroll is compliant with the Holidays Act (all SmoothPay products comply - we have yet to see any other NZ payroll that correctly implements the fundamental rules required by law)
  • Pretty much every report can be reprinted, exported as useful Excel data, or rendered as PDF and viewed/emailed/printed on demand
  • Integrates with standard accounting products (and some not so common), like Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, CashManager, Navision, QuickBooks, Reckon One and MoneyWorks
  • goPayroll is localised for use in 14 countries (so, if you have a NZ branch, and Australian head office and a site in Papua New Guinea then goPayroll Group is the right choice for you)
  • No setup fee! (except for repeat setup)
  • Data migration from your old payroll or manual system is free! (except for additional migrations for the same subscription)
  • Official Terms & Conditions available here

How do I use goPayroll?
  • This guide will help you learn how the application hangs together and what the controls do - we can't make you read it, but it'll save you a lot of time if you do 👍
  • We provide you with as much training and product support as you need at no extra cost (except your phone call to us) - fair-use policy applies

How many employees can I have?

As many as you like - payroll is payroll and it makes no difference to us if you have 5 staff or 500 - there's really no logical limit, however we do not recommend goPayroll if you have more than 500 staff.

We also offer multi-company plans too - perfect for bureau operations, book-keepers and accountants.

NOTE: If you have more than around 500 staff you may need to look at more expensive "corporate" payroll systems as your needs are likely to be HR rather than payroll-centric.

How many users can I have?

As many as you need - and you can even tailor individual users with individual view and access permissions.

What if the payroll contains errors or a mistake occurs but we don't notice?

Nothing in the world is perfect.

Ultimately it's your responsibility to ensure you're getting the correct result - a payroll is just a tool to help get the job done. Think of it it like "we make the car, we don't drive it".

We strongly advise users to follow the 3-step pay process, and by doing so you are far less likely to have any errors in your payroll.

If you discover an error, then please contact the HelpDesk for advice on how best to correct it.

If you discover a bug, then you must let us know so that it can be remedied as soon as possible.

Can you help me migrate from my old payroll?
Yes, there are many ways we can help, or you can just enter or import your data yourself.

We also have an extensive collection of migration tools to assist with the process from most common payroll systems, and it's generally free for the first migration we do you (additional migrations for the same subscription are chargeable, generally a flat fee of $145).

If you need to move your data and a pre-existing tool doesn't exist then you can complete our migration template, or commission us to develop a migration tool.

How safe is my data?

As safe as it can be in a connected world! However, key-loggers and other computer security risks can put your payroll data at risk.
  • Data is stored safely on our own server, co-located at Inspire Net's data centre in Palmerston North, New Zealand.
  • That server is backed up daily to external, bootable media
  • Additional offsite backup images are copied daily to rsync.net for additional disaster recovery
  • You have the ability to download a copy of your database anytime, so you can keep your data safe in your own way.
  • goPayroll automatically maintains up to 20 recent backup copies of your data, created automatically when a pay is processed or on demand (and these too can be downloaded if required)
  • Web application security is of paramount importance - read more here
  • and so too is your privacy - read more here
  • 2FA (two factor authentication) is available on a per user basis by SMS or email

What if the internet dies?
The chances are remote - the internet is pretty robust, but sometimes ships drag anchors over undersea cables, there may be a military coup, aliens might invade, and internet access may be an issue.

In circumstances where you have no internet access for an extended period and need to get payroll done, then:
  • we can arrange processing of your data for you (as long as you can get us the info required via post/courier etc. - you won't be able to email it if there's no internet), or
  • assuming the banks are still able to operate you can simply pay staff what you paid last time (with judicious adjustments), or
  • assuming you have electricity and a computer we can supply you with the most recent copy of your database from our physical server, along with the desktop payroll application (while it's still available).

Where can I get the offline payroll program to view my downloaded payroll database?

There are a number of ways you can continue to utilise the data contained in your payroll database, even after your subscription expires.

  1. You can use our free gopayroll-viewer which lets you examine your payroll database and report in the same way as the online goPayroll.
  2. Your payroll database is able to be read using any SQLite database client.

What if I cancel my subscription before the 30-day trial ends?
We hope you don't, but it's a free world and we respect the choices you make!

It might be that it's just not for you - maybe it just doesn't fit, or you just don't have time to learn a new system (although we offer as much training and product support as you need).

If you cancel your subscription we advise you to backup and download your payroll database from your goPayroll account (the data can be used in read-only mode with goPayroll-viewer).

What if I no longer need payroll or I stop paying?
Businesses change and we understand that. Sometimes they get bought out, sometimes they just wind down or grow too big and need to move to something else.

If you cancel or your subscription lapses then we advise you to backup and download your payroll database from your goPayroll account (we do not guarantee access to your data after your account has been closed but we will grant you read-only access while it remains there). You can use our free gopayroll-viewer which lets you examine your payroll database and report in the same way as the online goPayroll.

I can't seem to get to the login screen...
If your browser cache is "clogged up", just follow this simple process to clear it and everything should work again (otherwise call the helpdesk).

It could also be that goPayroll is undergoing regular maintenance (usually during no/low activity) and you can check status here.

I can't see the entire page or dialog when editing a record...
Decrease your browser's Zoom setting (in Chrome click the vertical ellipsis and click the [-] or [+] to decrease or increase zoom for the current website or application (it's like a resizable desktop, but easier and set per website).

It's also a great idea to use fullscreen mode after login to get a full "desktop in a browser" experience (Chrome use F11) and avoids the temptation to get distracted by the browser toolbars. You can also separate the goPayroll tab from the browser so it runs in it's own space.

My subscription has lapsed and my login no longer works
Pay the annual subscription fee plus a reinstatement charge of NZ$145 to re-establish your database and access. Your access and subscription will restart from the date of receipt.

My subscription has lapsed but I still have read-only access
Pay the annual subscription fee to restart your subscription.

We don't permit access to our desktop using TeamViewer
SmoothPay provides as much training and product support as you need, even during your free trial period - delivered via TeamViewer.

Our branded TeamViewer support tool is a transient application used on-demand and started by you, the end user. It is never installed as a service and the password is known only to our HelpDesk staff.

TeamViewer access is mandatory for training and support - if you do not permit use of TeamViewer then your subscription will be without any support or training.