What makes SmoothPay goPayroll so special?
  • 30-day free trial
  • No setup fee! (although this is subject to change depending on tyre-kickers)
  • We price fairly - no additional charge for extra staff and all prices are in our home currency (NZD)
  • You can download your entire database whenever you need (and it can be used in read-only mode in our Smoothpay Gold desktop payroll)
  • We provide you with support and training at no extra cost (except your phone call to us) - fair-use policy applies
  • For our NZ users it is especially important that payroll is complaint with the Holidays Act (all SmoothPay products comply - we have yet to see any other NZ payroll that correctly implements the fundamental rules required by law)
  • Pretty much every report can be reprinted, exported as useful Excel data, or rendered as PDF and viewed/emailed/printed on demand
  • Integrates with standard accounting products (and some not so standard), like Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, CashManager, Navision and MoneyWorks (our favourite by far!)
  • goPayroll can be used for 6 countries (so, if you have a NZ branch, and Australian head office and a site in Papua New Guinea then goPayroll Group is the right choice for you)

How do I use goPayroll?
  • Try it out for free using any of the free demo databases (there's one for each supported country)
  • This guide will help you learn how the application hangs together and what the controls do - we can't make you read it, but it'll save you a lot of time if you do :-)
  • All of our processing and integration guides are available here (or use the Guides link above). These guides focus generally on SmoothpayGold desktop edition as both products share the same database and characteristics.
  • If you're stuck with anything feel free to call or email our helpdesk.

How safe is my data?

As safe as it can be in a connected world! However, key-loggers and other computer security risks can put your payroll data at risk.
  • Data is stored safely on our own server, co-located at Inspire Net's data centre in Palmerston North, New Zealand.
  • You have the ability to download a copy of your database anytime you can keep your data safe in your own way.
  • goPayroll automatically maintains backup copies of your data (and these too can be downloaded if required)

What if I cancel my subscription before the 30-day trial ends?
We hope you don't, but it's a free world and we respect the choices you make!

It might be that online payroll doesn't suit you (and if so we'd love your feedback so we can improve our products). Fortunately, the database used in goPayroll is the same as that used in our desktop SmoothPay Gold payroll. We can transfer your data and start you on an annual desktop subscription instead if you prefer.

It might be that it's just not for you (online or desktop) - maybe it just doesn't fit, or you just don't have time to learn a new system (although we offer unlimited assistance and training if you need it).

If you cancel your subscription we advise you to backup and download your payroll database from your goPayroll account (the data can be used in read-only mode with SmoothPay Gold desktop payroll).

We will advise you before removing your online account and payroll data from our servers.

What if I no longer need payroll or I stop paying?
Businesses change and we understand that. Sometimes they get bought out, sometimes they just wind down or grow too big and need to move to something else.

If you cancel or your subscription lapses then we advise you to backup and download your payroll database from your goPayroll account (we do not guarantee access to your data after your account has been closed but we will grant you read-only access while it remains there).

We will advise you before removing your online account and payroll data from our servers.